11 Brilliant Blog & Content Promotion templates for Instagram & Facebook

11 Brilliant Blog & Content Promotion Templates for Instagram & Facebook

These gorgeous Canva templates are designed to promote your blog and amazing content on Instagram & Facebook!

Why You Need These

11 Blog Promotion Templates Example

Drive more traffic to your website with 11 share-worthy blog and content templates:

Start Now: It’s quick and easy to insert your content into each ad template.

Step-by-Step Help: The templates include a video-walk through, so you can easily understand what to do and how to personalize your templates.

Make Them Your Own: Each template is 100% editable and customizable. This means that you can change all the colors, fonts, photos, and elements in Canva with just a few clicks, so it will fit your brand perfectly!

Instant Access: All templates are immediately downloadable so you can plug in your content and design your graphics in much less time.

Improve Your Canva Skills: Included are two 25-minute Canva video tutorials on how to add them to your Canva account and customize them even if you have no design background!

Get more out of your blog content now with these beautiful templates!


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